Frequently Asked Questions

Are these puppies AKC registered?

Our puppies are Akc registered and from very healthy backgrounds. We choose our sires and dams carefully toproduce the WOW PUPS in our litter page.

Have they passed through vet test?

Each puppy’s health is certified by an independent veterinarian and is fully vaccinated.

What flavours do you have?

We have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties available. The meat-based cakes can be baked with the meat that your pet prefers. We can also make cupcakes for your pet’s party!

How long does delivery takes?

Our delivery normally take 24 to 36 hours for USA and Canada, while Europe and other continents is 2-5 days and the delivery options are home delivery or pick up at the airport closest to your address..

What is the health guaranteed?

All of our pups come with a 1 year Genetic Health Guarantee.

What is the best puppy for my family?

Puppies are very adaptable, however there are some considerations you should take into account if your household has other pets or young children. Young puppies and toy breeds must be handled delicately and should not be allowed to become exhausted during the first 20 weeks of life. The puppy should be allowed to take frequent rest breaks even if the puppy does not seem tired. If anyone in the family is allergic to pet dander, a hypo-allergenic dog is a great option; consult with our puppy ambassadors for assistance in picking the best puppy for your situation.

Payment Options and Information

What are the payment options?

We have various payment methods you can make payment.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • PayPal
  • CashApp
  • Zelle
  • Gift Cards
  • MoneyGram
Can I pay using Credit/Debit Card?

We don’t accept direct credit card payment. If you have a credit card you will use and make payments buy purchasing bitcoin, giftcards online.

What's Bitcoin and how do I pay via with it

Bitcoin is a digital currency which can be transfer from one user to another.For instructions on how to pay with bitcoins contact our live chat support for more information

How to place an order
  1. Navigate to the shop page
  2. Select a product, Browse through it and add to cart
  3. Navigate to the checkout page
  4. Input customer details
  5. Select a shipping and payment method
  6. Finally,Place your order
Can I change my payment option?

Yes you can change your payment option anytime but payment must be confirmed before the delivery can proceed.

Do I get a refund in case I change my mind or dont get my package?

Our refund policy is valid for 2 Weeks after you get the baby. If the puppy is not what you want or you don’t like the baby temperament. Send the baby back to us and we would schedule a refund once we receive the puppy.