Lola Puppy’s is the biggest strength pet retailer of administrations and answers for the lifetime needs of pets. At Lola Puppy , we cherish pets,We see pets as individuals from the family, and we trust pets improve us as individuals. Consistently with each association, Lola Puppy’s enthusiastic partners help convey pet guardians closer to their pets so they can live progressively satisfied lives. This vision impacts all that we improve the situation our clients, the manner in which we bolster our partners, and how we offer back to our networks.

We utilize around 9,000 partners and work in excess of 1,650 pet stores in the United States and Canada just as more than 200 in-store Lola Puppy,PetsHotel puppy and feline boarding offices. Lola Puppy gives a wide scope of competitively estimated pet sustenance and items and offers one of a kind pet administrations including preparing, pet prepping, boarding, Lola Puppy Doggie Day Camp and in-store pet receptions.

The Master of veterinarian care is accessible in huge numbers of our stores, where a hospital, works full-benefit pet healing facilities. These in-store pet doctor’s facilities work freely of Lola Puppy and utilize veterinarians who give a full scope of social insurance and crisis administrations. ​

Lola Puppy has a standout amongst the most dynamic online networks of pet proprietors on the Internet today. Inside our pet gathering, there are a wide scope of subjects talked about with new themes being included each day. A standout amongst the most energizing motivations to visit our gathering is on the grounds that we have utilized huge numbers of the business’ most-regarded pet creators to handle your inquiries and discussion about their subject matters.

Health Guarantee Information

30 Day Health Guarantee

Puppies purchased through M&S PUPPYSTORES are covered, through the breeder, up to 30 days after purchase. After taking the puppy to a vet within 10 days of purchase, if he or she is determined to have been clinically ill or has died from an injury sustained, or illness likely to have been contracted on or before the date of sale and delivery, consumers have the following options:

  1. Return the dog for a complete refund
  2. Return the dog for a replacement dog of equal value.
  3. Retain the dog and receive reimbursement for reasonable veterinary fees

If, within 30 days of purchase, a licensed veterinarian determines that a dog has a congenital or hereditary defect which adversely affects the animal’s health, or that the dog has died from a congenital or hereditary defect, consumers have the same options as above.